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Rodent Control Tips

Rodent control must include the elimination of food, water and places for them to dwell, all things necessary for rodents to breed and thrive.

  1. The following steps will help control your rodent problems:
  2. Educate yourself on your specific rodent problem.
  3. Inspect your property regularly for signs of rodent activity.
  4. Keep your yard free of trash, debris or tall grass. If you must store materials or equipment outside do so neatly.
  5. Pet food, dog manure, open garbage cans, bird seed or other food scraps left outside are an open invitation for rats to visit you. Never put household garbage or food scraps in compost piles.
  6. Do not let water accumulate (standing water also provides a breeding area for mosquitos).
  7. Close up any holes you find in your house. Including screened areas.
  8. Be sure to clean up any outside eating areas. Residue on a patio or food residue allowed to build up on your BBQ may attract rodents.
  9. You should take measures to exterminate the existing population.

 Utilize a certified professional pest control operator. 

                                               will assess the problem and put together a plan to help you be rid of your infestation once and for all.

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